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The Gentleman Losers

The brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka from Helsinki, Finland, making music together since teenagers, and trying their hand at many styles, came upon a unique sound in 2004 and thus were born The Gentleman Losers. Their mix of ambient aesthetics, lo-fi-but-hi-fi production, post-rock leanings, a hint of Americana, and a dark undercurrent, won many fans and admirers, and their self-titled debut album in 2006, on the highly respected Berlin/Manchester label City Centre Offices, gained high praises and placements on many year-end lists, including Album of the Year at Boomkat. The follow-up, 2009's dreamlike, and equally acclaimed, “Dustland”, was a more mature endeavour and did much to build the band's cult following. That year they did a remix for Bibio, released on his The Apple and the Tooth album on Warp. 2010 saw the band contributing an original track (along with the likes of Helios and Stafrænn Hákon) to the Japanese label Nothings66'compilation “Duskscape Not Seen”, and the release of the “Rural Routes No.5” EP for the Canadian imprint Standard Form.

After a hiatus to focus on the brothers' side project, the synthpop outfit Lessons (Sinnbus Records, Berlin), and on writing some commissioned music, including a film score, the band returned in 2017 with ”Permanently Midnight”, a work that was both a return to their organic trademark sound, and an exploration of new directions, such as vocals on several tracks.


December 2018 saw the release of their next full-length album ”Make We Here Our Camp of Winter” on the Athens, Greece, boutique label Sounds In Silence. The highly acclaimed album got a vinyl release in June 2019 by the Belgian label Dauw, and the band will be playing shows in support of the release. The brothers are currently recording a new album, due to be released in early 2020.

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