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The Gentleman Losers - Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter VINYL


Origin:  Helsinki, Finland


Genres: shoegaze, post-rock, art-rock, electronica, ambient


Years Active:  2004- Present


Label:  Dauw



Short Bio

The Gentleman Losers is a band from Helsinki, Finland, founded by the brothers Samu and Ville Kuukka in 2004. Their music often eclectic and melancholy doesn’t easily fit into any one category, but has been called, among other things, post-rock, sadcore and folktronica. Their style has changed from the early, Americana-styled days to include influences of jazz, soul, psychedelia, ambient, and Hypnagogic pop. 
Their albums, starting with the self-titled debut on the respected Berlin label City Centre Offices in 2006, have received high praise and placements on many year-end lists. In addition to releasing albums, the brothers write music for films and other commissions.

Their latest release is the LP ”Make We Here Our Camp of Winter” on the Greek boutique label Sounds In Silence, out on December 11th 2018. Currently the band is preparing live shows for 2019.

Their latest release is the LP ”Make We Here Our Camp of Winter” on the Greek boutique label Sounds In Silence, out in December 2018. The highly acclaimed album will see a vinyl release on June 12th 2019 by the Belgian label Dauw, and the band will be playing shows in support of the release.

Make We Here Our Camp of Winter VINYL,  Press Release, 12th June 2019

Late last year, The Gentleman Losers caught us all by surprise with their 4th studio album 'Make We Here Our Camp of Winter' which was initially released on cd through sound in silence. In anticipation of new upcoming work, we welcome the Kuukka brothers already to the label for a vinyl issue of this incredible album. Pre-orders for the clear vinyl version are now open while the official release will be on June 12th. In order to promote the album, they will play 2 release-shows in Prague and Hamburg - full details below.


Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter is The Gentleman Losers’ fourth full-length album, featuring eight new compositions, most part of which was written during the summer of 2018 at a cabin by a lake in southern Finland. All in all, this is a much more spontaneous record than their earlier ones. After being stuck with the previous album for many years, the Kuukka brothers wanted to make a simple, quiet album this time around. It was all much unplanned, but as the songs were nearing completion, it was clear that there was a coherent whole there, a feeling. They felt that this album has a sense of introversion to it, a feeling of winter approaching, and of holing up to wait for the seasons to change. Make We Here Our Camp Of Winter is a sublime album that intelligently mixes elements of ambient, lo-fi, electronica and post-rock. Recorded using both vintage analogue equipment and modern production techniques and with a sound palette that blends layers of haunting guitar melodies, slowly picked lap steel guitar, warm analogue synths, subtle bass lines, minimal beats and spoken word, it’s an emotive album that showcases the trademark sound of The Gentleman Losers at its best.

Vinyl edition of 200 copies pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl. Each copy is silk-screened by hand on high quality paper.

Dauw is a Ghent based tape label. The aim of the label is to combine the graphic work of Femke Strijbol and some music we like. We want to create an unique hand-made piece of art that flatters both the ear and the eye.



Management: Melina Rathjen |

Publisher: Mute Song Simon Ballard |

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